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Michael Eckerman

Michael Eckerman is an expert in real estate finance, investment, and financial freedom. With over 30 years of experience in real estate, Michael helps his clients understand the basic principals of finance to achieve financial freedom. Currently, he is focusing on his vacation rentals venture, where he provides luxurious experiences at an affordable price.

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Michael Eckerman

IdeaMensch Interview

I wanted to be able to provide a bucket-list experience for people. I wanted to offer a vacation option that allowed people to stay in a multi-million dollar home for a lower price. As we are bringing in the idea of ...

2019 Vacation Rental Trends

In 2018, domestic and international travelers spent a mind-blowing $1.1 trillion in the United States. This helped bring in as much as $171 billion in tax revenue as well as $268 billion in payroll income for employees ...

Michael Eckerman

Dressing for Success

One of the greatest things a person can do is donate their time and money to help others who are less fortunate. Michael Eckerman, a real estate investor, from Phoenix, Arizona, believes that with power and ...

Michael Eckerman

Vacation Home Investments

The list of sources for investment grows every year. GIC’s, index funds, stocks, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies. Some are active, requiring constant monitoring and adjusting. Some are passive allowing for ...

"The key is to listen to what the client wants, what experiences they are looking for, and really aim to make that happen."

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