Michael Eckerman Biography

Real Estate Expert | Las Vegas, Nevada

Real Estate Career

Michael Eckerman began his career in real estate by flipping houses in Sacramento, California. At the time, a colleague and Michael noticed the potential to improve low-income areas. While they experienced great success with this endeavor, Michael felt a pull to move back to Arizona where his family had lived for more than three generations. Upon his return, Michael changed his focus to vacation rentals.

Vacation Rentals

While living in Phoenix, Arizona, Michael noticed an opportunity in the vacation rental market thanks to an increase in tourists throughout Arizona. He wanted to provide travelers with a luxury home experience at a lower price.

Currently, Michael is looking to expand his collection of rentals with small apartment complexes and hotels. This expansion will allow him to provide tourists with a comfortable, private stay close to popular local attractions. He is also working on a series of blogs to help other real estate professionals build their portfolio.